Finding an Objective

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to December. Soon it’s going to be 2017!  Yeesh. I always get somewhat introspective at the end of the year, thinking about where I’ve been and where I’m going.  Because of who I am, I also beat myself up for not making as much progress as I think I should […]

The Third Time Around

Hello, friends!  As I indicated in the last blog post, I did indeed learn many valuable lessons while publishing my latest book, Believing It.  So many valuable lessons, in fact, that I wanted to write about them before I forgot what they were (I’m dottery and middle-aged, you know). You may consider this post to […]

Panic, Planning, and Publishing

Previously on Betsy’s blog… Betsy has just published her third book, Believing It, and the publishing experience was more than a little stressful.  Part of that has to do with the fact she decided to put the book out right when she was scrambling to finish her taxes. But it was also stressful because Betsy can […]

“Believing It” is LIVE!

My friends, I am pleased and proud to tell you that Believing It, the latest book in my “Welcome to Hardy Falls” series is LIVE!  LIVE, I TELL YOU!  Maybe I’m not alive at this point, but the book is birthed and out in the world!  And it is now available as an e-book wherever fine […]

Categories and Key Words

As I come to the end of the editing process for my new book, Believing It, I’m pointing the rudder of my wee little ship towards the rocky shore of publishing. That means getting the manuscript formatted and up for preorder on all of the various book sales sites. And it means I’m thinking about […]

Checking In

Well, I just looked at the date of my last blog post and good golly Miss Molly, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Sorry about that. I’ve actually been busy working on writerly things. As opposed to just telling you I’m working on writerly things when really I’m eating myself into a sugar-coated coma. Okay, maybe there have been some […]