A Few Things I Learned After My Book Was Released

I was on vacation last week, so I actually had time to think. Thinking time has been at a premium for the past couple of months, but last week I was able to reflect on some of  the things I’ve learned now that my book has been released.

As you may, or may not, know, my romantic suspense novel, HOLD ME, came out on 9/5/11, so it’s been roaming free in the wilds for a month now. And as you may, or may not, know, this is the first time I’ve had a book published. So there have been a lot of new things to absorb.


Release Week Reflections

As you may have guessed from this blog post, release week made me a little manic. There has just been so much to do, so many people to talk to, so many comments to be made and answered. I actually felt my heart palpitating at work one day when the stress of the day job met the stress of the release. So I decided it was time to stop, sit down, and reflect on things a little bit.