Finding The Blogosphere Part 2



When last we left our intrepid band of adventurers, they were getting ready to enter the Emerald City in search of the Great and Powerful Blogosphere…


Betsy:             Wow. Everyone in this city is…green.

Coffee:            It ain’t easy.

Muse:              And they’re all singing. I want to sing too!

Betsy:             No. We have to find the Great and Powerful Blogosphere.

Finding The Blogosphere

Betsy:   Blogosphere?


Betsy:   Hello? Blogosphere? Are you there?


Betsy:   Darn it all, Blogosphere! I’m talking to you!

*more silence*

Muse:   I think we maybe pissed him off.

Betsy:   We? Who’s we? I would have been talking to him 24/7 but you’ve been running me ragged.

Muse:   Damn straight! Drop and give me twenty!

Betsy:   Geeze! Not again. *falls to floor* *begins push-ups*

Muse:   MWHAHAHA! Power is mine!

Coffee:   Hey, I have some power too.

Muse:   Of course you do, babycakes. *smooch* *slurp*

Muse In The Morning



For your entertainment, I would like to share a typical morning conversation between me, my Muse and Coffee.



Betsy: *drags self out of bed and over to computer* Hi.

Muse. Hey.

Betsy: *yawn*

Muse: Is that Coffee?

Betsy: Yeah.

Coffee: Hi.

Betsy and Muse: Hi.

Coffee: Wanna drink?

Betsy: More than life.

Muse: Don’t make the “you consume me” joke again.

Coffee: ‘K. *pours*

Betsy and Muse: *sip, sip, sip*

Muse: Okay, we ready to do this?

The Muse Gives Birth

*pant pant pant* OWWWWW! *pant pant pant*

Muse! Muse! *Betsy runs into the post* I have your ice chips. *offers cup*

Take your ice chips and put ’em where the sun don’t shine! *pant pant pant*

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. The contractions are getting closer, aren’t they?

What the hell do you think?

Okay. *Betsy scuttles around like a crab* I need…I need to get my laptop set up.

You’d better get your laptop set up, because this ending scene is coming, and it’s coming fast. OWWWWWW!!

The Muse Bulks Up




Wow, it’s really dark and empty in here. *Betsy looks around her brain*


*scitter, scatter*


*jumps* What’s that?!?!?! Oh!  Oh, it’s the video game I just finished. Whew. *Betsy walks a little further into her brain* *footsteps echo* Boy. This is kind of creepy. I should probably go read something.


*clang* *huff* *clang*


Hey, that sounds like…excercise equipment? *Betsy walks forward* *Peers cautiously around some serotonin* What the… Muse? Muse, is that you?


*clang* *huff* *clang*   Yo.   *clang*

A Betsy’s Blog Christmas Party

“Christ-mas is coming! The goose is getting FAAATTTT–“


“Please to put a penny in the old man’s HAAAAATTTTTT–“


“If you have no penny, a ha’ penny will DOOOOOOOOOO….”

Blogosphere! Shut up for a minute!

What? Oh, hey. How’s it going?

What are you doing up on that ladder?

What does it look like I’m doing? I’m decoratin’

You’re decoratin’, uh, I mean, you’re decorating? Again?

Yeah. For the party.


Yeah. Party. Must you repeat everything I say?