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Contemporary Romance

Welcome To Hardy Falls 

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Trusting Love

Book 2

Josie Kline’s life is already falling apart at the seams. The last thing she needs is another complication in the sexy form of Mat Guerrero.

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Handling Love

Book 1

Hannah Frederickson’s business is on the brink of financial ruin. Which means this is definitely not a good time for her to be noticing hot bartender, Deacon Black.

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Believing Love

Book 0.5

June Esperanza has made a pretty darned good life for herself in Hardy Falls. Too bad Calvin Hardy decided to move back home.

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Romantic Suspense


HoldMeHold Me

Katie McCabe isn’t exactly sure what’s happened, or why she’s suddenly running for her life, but she’s glad FBI Special Agent Luc Vasco is there to help.  Of course, it IS all his fault.

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