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can'tNobody knows the importance of words better than a writer. After all, words are the tools I work with. Visual media is all well and good, but words get inside your brain and paint pictures only you can see. And if I want you to see basically the same thing I’m seeing, I’d better be aware of the words I’m using.

I believe with all of my heart that words are powerful. They can be powerful in a good way, or powerful in a bad way. That’s because words are basically symbols for thoughts.

Trusting The Muse


When last we left Betsy, she was riding high after publishing her latest book, having survived trials, tribulations, and the obsessive urge to press the “publish” button over and over again. She was even starting to think about taking control of the REST of her life. She was laughing, singing, and dancing in the privacy of her own home.

But now Betsy is sitting like a huddled mass in front of her computer screen, keening softly as she contemplates the display. Whatever is going on? Can her Muse find out what’s wrong?

Let’s see…


Mundane Life Tasks

claraWhen we last left Betsy, she had just published the digital version of her newest book on all platforms and was working diligently on the print version. But publishing, as you might expect, sucks up a lot of time. What about all of the other little things you have to do in life? What about the dishes? What about vacuuming? Are those things getting done as well?

The short answer is—no.

Let’s join Betsy as Skipper, the Habit Implementation Specialist (and a chipmunk) sent by the Muse Council, tries to get her to see that she needs to deal with these little mundane tasks, too. 

The Third Time Around

learningHello, friends!  As I indicated in the last blog post, I did indeed learn many valuable lessons while publishing my latest book, Believing It.  So many valuable lessons, in fact, that I wanted to write about them before I forgot what they were (I’m dottery and middle-aged, you know). You may consider this post to be kind of a memo to my future self.  And let us hope it’s not boring for the rest of you.  Because if it is, I should probably have just written a, well, memo.