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I was on vacation from the day job last week.  When I scheduled the week off, I intended to spend it writing, except for two appointments I had scheduled for my elderly mother. Ah, the best laid plans… By the time the week–my blessed week–finally arrived, it had somehow transformed into nothing more than a fun-fest […]

Getting Concrete Part 2

Previously on Betsy’s Blog… Betsy has been meeting with Skipper, a chipmunk who happens to be the best goldarned Habit and Goal Implementation Specialist the Muse Council has to offer.  In the last post, Skipper broke the news that just coming up with the fuzzy, overarching objective of “I want to write a lot of […]

Getting Concrete, Part 1

When we last left Betsy’s Blog, Betsy was meeting with Skipper – chipmunk extraordinaire and Habit Implementation Specialist.  Skipper has been getting quite impatient waiting for Betsy to get off her butt and move forward (in which Skipper is not alone), and decided a little quality face-time was in order. Although Skipper seemed to be knocking […]