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There, And Back Again


My dears, I have climbed the mountain this week.

I chipped at the rock of Amazon Kindle, breaking off enough pieces to give me toeholds so I could start scaling the sheer cliff face.

I pored through the underbrush of Kobo, slithering into the hidden clearing, pushing my way through despite the thorns piercing my skin.

I was almost smothered by the dense, choking weeds of Nook, forced to take up my machete and slash the fronds that bound me whilst bellowing my battle cry.

“Handling It” Is LIVE!

Handling It Cover revised final high resMy angels, my darlings, my little treasures sent from heaven, I’m pleased to tell you that my book, Handling It, is LIVE!!!!!   Hooray!!!!!  It can now be purchased on all of the Amazon Kindle stores and on the Kobo store.  It will be available on iBooks in the next couple of days (I hope).  And then I’ll tackle Nook.  Nook is making me cranky, but I will not be beaten! *shakes fists at sky*

But regardless, it’s LIVE!  It’s UP!  It’s AVAILABLE!  In some places!


It’s Always Something

What the....!Hello, my friends! I thought I would give you a quick update on how things are going as I walk the rocky path to the publication for my book, Handling It.  Now that I’ve made a commitment to a date and all.

And that date’s coming right along.

Yup. Right along.

Pretty soon. Preeetttyy goldarned soon.


Okay, um, well I’m not going to think about it now.  This is just about reporting what I’ve been doing.  Or not doing, as the case may be.

Making It So

Betsssssyyyyyyyy!!!!!!Previously on Betsy’s blog….

Betsy has announced that she is going to be publishing her next book on June 22nd. Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author, has called all hands on deck to make sure Betsy doesn’t back out or screw up in another, as yet unknown, way.