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Wrap Party

CelebrationBetsy, Harry (the white gerbil who is the Guide for her Quest), and the Muse have decided to get together to reach out and touch base and create synergy heading into 2015. Where does Betsy stand with her writing? What are her goals for the new year? Is her Muse having an affair with Coffee?

Let’s see….

*Betsy pushes open door to Harry’s office in her brain* Hello! Is anyone here?

Betsy! Dollface! Come on in. *Harry lounges on top of his gerbil habitat tower browsing through his gPad*

Is Muse here too? *Betsy comes further into the office* Oh, there she is. *Waves at muse*

Progress? Yes! Progress!

longroadHello there!  Well, it’s been – *checks calendar* – EEEP!  two months since the last time I’ve blogged.  Shocking, but true.  But this time I’ve been silent because I’ve been making some…wait for it…wait for it… Progress!  Yes, I said Progress!  Granted, it’s been a shambling zombie-like run towards progress, my arms outstretched, bits and pieces of me falling by the wayside, but a wee bit of progress has been grasped in my fingers curved like claws, pulled towards my cavernous….er….sorry.

Anyway, I’ve made some progress.