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_full_cheerleading_clip_art_2[1]Previously on Betsy’s Blog…

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest (and a white gerbil) has brought Skipper, an expert in Habit Formulation and Implementation (and a chipmunk), to Betsy’s brain to convince Betsy that not only are goals and habits good, but she needs some.  Betsy allows as how she doesn’t like goals because she never achieves them and that makes her feel like a loser.  And why should she make herself feel like a loser when so many people are willing to do it for her?

A Rudderless Child

skipper2Previously on Betsy’s Blog….

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author / entrepreneur, has just done a stint at the International Muse Council to undergo psychological testing.  But he’s back!  Better yet, he brought a friend with him – Skipper the Chipmunk, a specialist in Habit Formation and Implementation.

Betsy was a trifle surprised to find another unexpected voice chatting in her brain, but figured what the heck.  Skipper was a trifle surprised to find that Betsy doesn’t like setting goals or forming habits.  In fact, it would be more accurate to say she was disconcerted and even a little unsure of how to proceed.


skipperPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to become a successful independent author / entrepreneur, has returned from a short stay with the Muse Council and he’s ready to rock and roll!  He wants to help pull Betsy out of the mire of her own neurosis, kick her in the butt, and lead her on her way down the path to success.  But to do that, he needs Betsy’s cooperation, doesn’t he?  And that means giving Betsy the tools she needs to change.  

A whole big crapload of tools.

Doubt and Believing

Harry1Previously on Betsy’s Blog…

As you know if you’ve joined us for previous installments of The Quest, Betsy has decided to become a successful independent author / entrepreneur. Harry, a white gerbil, is her Guide on this Quest, determined to help her find her way as she navigates the confusing paths leading to her goal. Betsy is discovering (well, she already knew this, so it’s more like admitting) that most of the confusion and false starts come from within herself.

The Reality of Possibility

baby-chick-and-an-eggWe come across possibilities every day. They flit through our lives like butterflies, drip through our hands like water. Possibilities can be very hard to grasp.

This is especially true of your own possibilities – your own possible you.

As we grow and age, we are hammered into a certain shape based on the expectations of family, friends, loved ones, society, and ourselves. Many of us make choices based on a need to fit in or escape, and then we are left to deal with the consequences of those choices.  Sometimes we feel trapped into a certain way of living based on choices we’ve made.