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Status Update


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Hi, everyone!

Well, I haven’t seen Harry today, so I thought I would just give you a quick update on a couple of things.

First, I hope you’re enjoying the story of my Quest to become a successful Indie Author / Indie Publisher / Indie Authorpreneur / Self Publisher / Whatever-You-Want-To-Call-It.  I’m having more fun writing the blog than, well, ever.  Plus I don’t feel like I’m being as much of a drama queen when I’m writing about myself in the third person.  And being a fiction author means there’s always voices talking in my head, so why not take advantage of them?

Swirling Storms

tornadoPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy and her Muse come face to face with Obsessia.  Obsessia lives in Betsy’s brain, prodding her this way and that, directing her to travel down paths of pursuit that get her all twisted up and confused.  As Betsy realizes what’s going on and tries to follow the Muse out into more productive pathways, Obsessia calls for her boyfriend – Compulsion, aka the Dark Voice.


obsessia1Previously on Betsy’s Blog…

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest, has given her a list of things she will need to learn to be a successful indie author and she has gone off to think about them.  Betsy being Betsy, her thoughts promptly swirled into a burgeoning tornado of confusion, indecision and doubt.  But, wait – does it seem that Betsy is being prodded just a little a bit?  Could there be something – or someone – helping to stir her up?  Let’s see…

You don’t know how to format.

I don’t know how to format.

You need to learn to format.

Things To Learn, Decisions To Make

walking into computerPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…
Betsy meets with Harry, her Quest Guide, to discuss progress on her Quest.  She tells him she has finally finished the first draft of her book, but she doesn’t seem excited about it.  Turns out she’s scared because now this whole thing is getting real.  Harry talks her down off the ledge and they end up doing a happy dance around Betsy’s brain.It turns out Harry hasn’t been idle as he waited for Betsy and her Muse to finish writing – he’s come up with a whole lot of things Betsy will need to learn and other things she will need to consider.  What are they?  Let’s listen in and find out…. 

*Betsy collapses back down onto the sofa in Harry’s office in her brain* *Wheezes from exertion of happy dancing* Okay, I’m feeling much better now.  Thanks Harry!

First Drafts and Fears

ClimbEveryMountainPreviously on Betsy’s Blog…

Betsy is on a Quest to become an Indie Author/Publisher/Entrepreneur.  Harry, a white gerbil, is her Guide.  When last we met, Betsy and her Muse were hopped up on writing good times and heading towards finishing the first draft of the second half of the redraft of the book Betsy is writing.  While they got down to the creative business, Harry went off to find out what else Betsy is going to need to know if she wants to make this Quest a reality.

What’s Next?

woman thinkingPreviously on Betsy’s blog…

Harry, Betsy’s Guide on her Quest to be an indie author/publisher, has discovered that Betsy and her Muse are almost finished the first draft of her book.  This is a good thing.  What Harry finds a little disturbing is the fact that Betsy wrote much of the second half of the first draft of the book in longhand.  Like on paper.  With a pen.  And now it will have to be typed in.