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Betsy Builds A Snowman…er…Blog Post

hello, blogosphere


Blogosphere,  I know you’re there.  *touches door closed in her face*

*crickets chirp*

I had a good excuse for not blogging this time.  I did.  It was a very rough winter.

*wind whistles through trees*

I honestly didn’t have the time to blog.

*echoes* blooog blooog blooog

Blogosphere?  I really miss you.  *places hand flat on door’s wooden planks* *sings* Do you want to build a blog post?

*door slams open*  Oh, no you didn’t!

Blogosphere!  There you are!

Defining Success

daffodils3Because I want to be honest here on the blog (and it’s not a secret anyway), I’ll tell you that I feel like I’ve been flailing around quite a bit for the last year or so, especially when it comes to my writing career.  I’ve been thinking about that fact a lot lately.  Also, since I feel like something of a failure, I’ve been trying to understand what the concept of “success” means to me.  How do I define success?  How will I know when I am succeeding?  Is it money?  Power?  World domination?  What?

As so often happens in this crazy life, the key appeared at exactly the time I was looking for it.  In this case, it was in the form of a wonderful podcast from Joanna Penn at  It’s an interview she did with Charlie Gilkey,talking about  goals and using business strategies in connection with your creative pursuits.  It’s all terrific stuff, but what really hit me upside the head was something Joanna said in the course of their discussion.  When she was making the switch from business consultant to author, she put up a sign in her office saying simply “I am an author.” All of her decisions from that point on were made with that goal in mind.