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Revisiting Assumptions About Time

stopwatchAs I contemplate the past couple of months (detailed in my previous blog post), I see that I need to revisit some of my assumptions about time.  Specifically my time.

I am a single woman with a relatively demanding job and a lot of the responsibility for the care of an elderly, pretty-much-housebound, parent.  I have health issues requiring attention.  I have a home requiring attention .  I’m busy, I tell myself.  I simply don’t have the time to bust out into the next level dream-wise.  My day is just too bloody full.

Challenges, Cats, and Coming Home

butterfly1So, I haven’t been here for a while.  The last couple of months have been extremely challenging for me on many different levels.  I was sick for the entire month of January (literally).  I fell trying to shovel my elderly mother out of her house and was laid up with a badly sprained ankle and strained Achilles tendon for the month of February (it’s still giving me trouble).  It snowed almost every freaking day from Thanksgiving until, well, the end of time.   And two of my four cats were diagnosed with cancer within weeks of each other.