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What Can I Do?

PeonyHorrible things can happen in our city, our nation, and our world. Horrible things can happen in our neighborhood, and even – God forbid – in our homes. Yet it has been my experience that most people are still good people. Maybe not perfect – but good.  Well, as good as they know how to be.

You wouldn’t think it from watching the news, I know. But I’m certain good people are still out there doing good things, even in the face of tragedy – perhaps especially then.  Yes, there are mean people. Yes, there are cruel people. Yes, there are unutterably horrible people who do unutterably horrible things. Yes, it seems like there are more mean, cruel and horrible people every day. But I still believe most people are good people.

Dealing With Discouragers

discouragerWhen I run up against discouragement in my life, it tends to come from two different sources.

First, I face discouragement from inside myself.  That’s when I don’t think I’m good enough, or I’m not sure I can handle what needs to be done.

The second source of discouragement in my life comes from other people.

These are the discouragers, and we all run into them all the time.  They’re the people who, when you tell them your dreams or hopes or plans, give you THAT look.  Then they shake their heads as if you’re insane and try to talk you out of what you’re trying to do.

Here Comes Spring!

ForsythiaHere at the Palatial Horvath Estate, the catkins on the pussy willows are full to bursting, the forsythia have started to bloom with golden splendor, and the robins are busy building nests in both the forsythia and the pussy willow.

Yes, okay, the winter juncos are still here, but the red-winged blackbirds are showing their red shoulder patches and singing to entice the ladies. Ducks from the nearby pond have started pairing up, waddling two-by-two for take-out at my bird feeders. This morning a love sick mallard quacked a NEVER ENDING song to the object of his affection right under my bedroom window.

Strangled By Books

BOOKS!I haven’t had time to blog this past week because I’ve started to sell books. I don’t mean I’ve become a bookseller. I mean I’ve started to sell my own books.

I had a lot of books. A LOT of books. At the time HOLD ME was published, one of the fun facts I gave the publisher was that I had well over 3000 books. Since then, the number, um, swelled.

A LOT of books.

I love books. Freaking love them. I think every house should have lots and lots of books. If I get interested in a subject or latch onto a new author, I purchase EVERYTHING I can find about that subject or from that author.