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Care And Feeding


Feed me, Seymore. Feed me all night long.

Audrey II – Little Shop of Horrors


I would like to share some things I’ve discovered over the past couple of weeks.

  1. A person needs to eat properly.
  2. A person needs to sleep enough hours.
  3. A person cannot live on coffee, no matter how hard they try.
  4. If a person does not eat properly, sleep enough hours, and tries to live on coffee, that person cannot do anything that’s worth anything.

Where Do You Invest Your Time?

As you may know if you’ve read my blog before, I have a love-hate relationship with Time. Well, it’s more of an epic struggle. I wrestle with time the way Jacob wrestled with the angel at the side of the road. I’m kind of outmatched.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about time and the way I use the time I’ve been given. It occurred to me that the activities where you invest your time are the activities where you see returns in your life.

The Story of “Joey Balone”

In honor of the Curiosity rover landing on Mars earlier this week, I thought I would share the story of “Joey Balone” from the Little Betsy files. I’m pretty sure I meant “Joey Baloney”.

This was written at the beginning of third grade when I was 8. It might be a little hard to read from a .jpg, so I’ve typed the full text after the photo, preserving the original spelling for full impact.

And away we go!



The Trouble With Self-Imposed Deadlines

You may be shocked to hear this, but I have trouble with time. It always takes me longer to get where I need to be than I think it will. If I want to be somewhere by a particular time, I usually have to fool myself about either the time I have to leave, or the time I need to get there. Otherwise I find myself leaving the house at the time I should be arriving at my destination. Since teleportation does not exist in my neighborhood, and Dr. Who is busy saving the galaxy, this generally means I’m going to be late.

Just as a side note regarding teleportation, do you remember the remake of the movie “The Fly” with Jeff Goldblum? Creepy. I think even if teleportation did exist, I’d still drive.

The Benefits Of Routine

I’ve probably said this before, but there really are a lot of benefits to routine. I’m always reminded of this when my routine is broken for one reason or another.

I’ve found that in my life I need a routine. I need structure. Without it, I find one thing bleeding into the next until the whole day has passed with precious little to show for it. But if I have a plan, I can get things accomplished.

Muse In The Morning



For your entertainment, I would like to share a typical morning conversation between me, my Muse and Coffee.



Betsy: *drags self out of bed and over to computer* Hi.

Muse. Hey.

Betsy: *yawn*

Muse: Is that Coffee?

Betsy: Yeah.

Coffee: Hi.

Betsy and Muse: Hi.

Coffee: Wanna drink?

Betsy: More than life.

Muse: Don’t make the “you consume me” joke again.

Coffee: ‘K. *pours*

Betsy and Muse: *sip, sip, sip*

Muse: Okay, we ready to do this?