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Sometimes I find myself totally paralyzed by fear. It comes from many sources and for many reasons. Usually it’s fear of failure or a fear of my own inadequacy in a particular situation. Sometimes it’s fear of the future or fear of the consequences of my own actions. Sometimes it’s fear of change or the potential that might come after change. But I find myself stopped at the crossroads, unable to make a decision (as I mentioned in this blog post).

I have to remember that, even when fear has me in its teeth, I always have at least two choices. I can choose to stay, or I can choose to move.

I Am Not In Anaheim

I am not in Anaheim. Nora Roberts is. But, wait. Am I telling you the truth? After all, have you ever seen me and Nora Roberts in the same place at the same time? Could it be…. Hmmmm….

Oh, okay. We’re not the same person, although Nora does envy me my adventure-filled life.

So, you may wonder why I care that I’m not in Anaheim. And why Nora is there, along with a bajillion other romance authors and would-be romance authors. It can only be because it’s RWA National conference week.

It Really Does Matter Where You Put The Desk

You may, or may not, remember that I had a wee bit of an issue deciding where to put my desk. Although the Palatial Horvath Estate is indeed grand, there are a limited number of desk locations.

As I said in my original post, it shouldn’t matter where the desk is, logically speaking. After all, if I have a wireless router, I can work anywhere. And yet I’ve found that moving the desk made a big difference in my productivity.

Classical Music, Muppet Style

Because I a) love classical music, b) love the Muppets and c) don’t have a blog post prepared for today, I thought I would share some of my favorite YouTube clips in which the Muppets perform some pieces of classical music in their own muppety style.

First: An Ode to Joy as you’ve never heard it before. Well, unless you’ve already seen this.


Next: A free-range interpretation of Johann Strauss.


And finally, because I just couldn’t resist, a different kind of classic. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. MAMAAAAA!!! MAMMMA??? LOL


Dear Internet

Dear Internet –

Okay, you and I have to talk. Or not talk, as the case may be. I mean, you know I love you, but this is getting ridiculous. You are just way too attractive for your own good. Or my good. Whatever. We’re going to have to start setting some boundaries in our relationship.

Another Ode To Coffee

*stir, stir, stir* *clink, clink* *sip*

Hello, Coffee.


I’ve written another poem about you.

Is it as good as the last one?

Even better.


*huh hummm*


O Coffee, O Coffee,
My own turtledove,
I want to express
The depth of my love.


O Coffee, O Coffee,
Caffiene in a cup,
When I’m feeling down
You cheer me up.


When already up,
You make me quite manic,
And just might incite
A bit of a panic.