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I Like Trees

I like trees. I like looking at them. When I was younger, I wanted to live inside a tree like the kid in the book “My Side Of The Mountain”. Sometimes I still do.

One of my first poems, written when I was in third grade, was about a tree I used to climb in the backyard. By “climb”, I mean that I went up maybe one branch. The poem was a longish ode, but I only remember the first two lines.

My tree and me
Are as happy as can be

Meditation in Motion

As part of my diabetic makeover, I’ve started walking regularly again. ┬áThis is good for me not only physically, but mentally. Walking seems to unclog my mind and gets the streams of thought and creativity flowing more freely. I’ve read somewhere that walking is called “meditation in motion”, and for me that is true.

Personally, I prefer not to listen to music while I walk. I also don’t usually walk with other people because they tend to want to talk. Or, my personality being what it is, I feel like I have to talk to them. When I’m walking, I want to think.

Toy Spending

Today I’d like to share an infographic I received from I think you’ll find the information as interesting as I did. I will admit that I haven’t checked the sources listed, but I don’t have any problem believing the numbers. Hey, I was in the Target toy department at Christmas. I was lucky that I didn’t take an elbow to the ribs trying to buy non-slutty clothes for Barbie.

So, here you go (my own thoughts follow the graphic) –


Prince Charming

I read a lot of romance novels. I think we’ve established that already, right? Right.

Anyway, I’ve decided that one of the things I find the most irksome in a romance novel is when the hero is too perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate a perfect heroine too. But usually the author will try to give the heroine SOMETHING to overcome. She is, after all, the main thrust of most romance novels. There are still a lot of heroines who are too perfect for my taste, but they usually have received a few bumps and bruises along the way. That is theoretically what makes them interesting enough to carry a book.