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HOLD ME Countdown – FBI Quiz

20 Days to Release Day!


Today on the countdown we’re going to see how much you know about the FBI.   Luc Vasco, the hero of HOLD ME, is an FBI Special Agent. Since his work gets him and Katie into a lot of trouble, it’s only fair that we learn a little bit about the history of the agency that employs him.

HOLD ME Countdown – Battle Plans

Private Horvath!

What?  Who?…. Blogosphere? Is that you?

I am Sergeant Blogosphere, Private, and the appropriate response to my calling you is “Sir, yes Sir.”

What is this?

I cain’t HEAR you!

Um…Sir.  Yes, uh, sir.

Fair enough.  Now front and center, Private and make it snappy.

::moves forward:: Um, yeah?

Stand at attention when I’m talking to you, girl.

Sir. Yes, sir. ::snaps to attention::

When is release day, Private?

Release day is in 23 days, sir!

And what day is that, Private?

It is Monnnnday, September 5th, sir!

HOLD ME Countdown – Twelve Big Puppies

25 Days to Release Day!


In my book, the hero, Luc Vasco, has a Newfoundland dog named Spot.  Spot is female, very protective, and quite large.

In honor of Spot, I wanted to tell you about some friends of mine.  They, too, cohabitate with a female Newfoundland.  Her name is Athena.

They also share their home with a male Bernese Mountain dog.  His name is Paladin.

One spring, with the blessing of my friends, romance bloomed between Athena and Paladin.  A young man’s fancy turned to love and after a suitable interval Athena found herself in the family way.

HOLD ME Countdown – Meet the Bad Guy (with excerpt)

27 Days To Release Day!


Well, excitement abounds at the Palatial Horvath Estate today, because I found out that HOLD ME is available for preorder at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Wheeee!!  It’s like it’s all real or something. 😀

But for today’s countdown post, I had something a little different in mind.  Today I wanted to talk to you about the bad guy.

In romantic suspense, things can’t be all sunshine and lollipops.  The hero and heroine can’t run away screaming, “KITTENS!  AHH, THE PURRING!”.

No.  In a romantic suspense novel, there needs to be a bad guy.

HOLD ME Countdown – Nothing You Can Do About It


29 Days To Release Day!


I have to tell you that I love the group The Manhattan Transfer.  I have almost all of their albums/CD’s.  I loved them before there WERE CD’s.  Yes, I’ve loved them for that long.

When I was writing the draft of the book that became HOLD ME, I found myself obsessed with TMT’s classic album/CD “Extensions”.  I listened to it all the time.  In particular, I would play the 3rd track,”Nothing You Can Do About It”, over and over and over again.  It was, I thought, absolutely perfect for the book I was writing. I would sing the song loudly.  I would get strange looks.

HOLD ME Countdown – Fun Facts About New Jersey

32 Days to Release Day!

Although I don’t live in New Jersey, I’ve driven through it a time or twelve.  I’ve wasted days of my youth at Great Adventure and spent time “down the shore”, although, to my sorrow, I’ve never met Snooki.  And, since a good portion of HOLD ME takes place in various New Jersey locations, I thought I’d give you some fun facts about this great state. Feel free to print this post out and astound your friends and neighbors.

And here we go!  All about New Jersey!