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Pre-Countdown Decoration Post

Don we now our gay aparrel….


Fa la la la la la la la la…

Blogosphere? What are you doing?

Hey, yo. Bets. Pretty good, eh?

What…what is all of this?

I’m decoratin’

Decoratin’? *shakes head* I mean, you’re decorating?


And singing…Christmas carols?



Because…*turns. stares* Hello, I’m getting ready. Duh.

O-kay…Ready for what?

For your countdown. You know. The countdown to your book release day on September 5.  HOLD ME.  Labor Day.  Countdown.

*gasp* You…you remembered? You remembered THE day?

Fear and Daring

Last weekend I started reading Bob Mayer’s really terrific book: Who Dares Wins: The Green Beret Way to Conquer Fear and Succeed.  I immediately got stuck in the introduction.

The reason for this is because in the introduction of the book, Bob issues a few simple challenges.

1.  Write down the thing you fear the most.

2.  Write down the one thing that motivates you the most.

3.  Look at the conflict between what you fear in #1, and what motivates you in #2.

Before Instant Gratification

The other day I posted something on Facebook and went back to look for responses about a minute later.  When I realized what I was doing, I laughed at myself.  Then I started thinking about how instantaeous everything has become.  And that, in turn, started me thinking about how much things have changed, even in my own lifetime.

For example:

The Danger Of Being An Author

In my mind, I became a writer in the 2nd grade with my masterpiece: “What I Did On The Weekend” and the stories I told myself about Speed Racer.

I became an author for the first time in the 5th grade when I started publishing limericks in the 5th grade newspaper. My position was solidified when my elementary school published my longer work, “Herman, the Unhappy Loaf of Bread” in an extremely limited print run (one copy) and put it in the library. All at once I was concerned about marketing and audience satisfaction and shelf placement. I kept going to the library to see if anyone had taken my book out.  No one ever did.

Coffee Talks



Mind if I sit here?

Go ahead.


So, um, can I ask you what you’re doing in my blog?



Soooo, what are you doing in my blog?


I can see that. Who are you anyway?

I’m Coffee. Duh.



Well, what in the heck are you doing sitting in my blog?


Waiting? For what?

A poem. A word. Something.

You want me to–

Both Sides Of Blogging


I’ve been blogging three times a week for about six months now. I’ve only missed one post (the Thursday before I went to RWA), but then I made up for it the next week. So, of course, now that I’m an expert and all I thought I would post a list of some of the good things and some of the bad things I’ve discovered about blogging.

Good Things

  1. You can write about anything you want to write about.
  2. Writing a blog keeps the writing juices flowing.
  3. It gives you practice in being disciplined and meeting a deadline.